Summer Course: ''The Maths Experience''.

Basic Information

Here is the Maths Experience handbook used for the 1 week long CTYI course in 2020.

Here is the outline for this course.

Going forward, here are some good resources:

Online Spring Weekend Course: ''Maths with Applications''

Basic Information 

I designed and taught a 5 weekend course on ''Maths with Applications'' as part of the Online Spring 2021 CTYI experience. The goal of this course was to outline 5 different topics in mathematical applications: probability, computability theory, astrometry, machine learning, and game theory.

Here is the outline for the course, and here is the full Handbook. Also see this short intro to machine learning designed for advanced primary school children.

One website I found especially useful for online teaching and learning was machinelearningforkids.co.uk.

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